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Management structure and procedures

As this project includes only one participating institution, its organization and management is relatively simple and straightforward. Leading members of the RBI nuclear, particle, and astroparticle physics and nuclear applications groups form the Project Management Board (PMB) and coordinate and implement the project.

Members of the PMB are:

The Project manager is N. Soić.

The project coordinator is the hired ERA Chair Jaakko Härkönen.

The tasks under the project are grouped in five work packages:

  • project management activities and strengthening of the organization (WP1),
  • hiring of experts for the project and the Centre for Detectors, Sensors and Electronics (WP2),
  • implementation of the Centre (WP3),
  • structural changes at  RBI (WP4),
  • dissemination, communication and networking activities (WP5).

Leaders and co-leaders of the work packages are:

  • WP1: Project Manager and ERA Chair
  • WP2: Krešo Kadija and ERA Chair
  • WP3: ERA Chair and Milko Jakšić
  • WP4: Tome Antičić / Stjepko Fazinić and ERA Chair
  • WP5: Suzana Szilner and Vuko Brigljević.

The management structure for work packages leaves decision power on the ERA Chair and frees the ERA Chair from the administrative load and technical duties during the execution of the planned activities.

The Project Management Board, the main executive and decision making body of the project, has members representing the nuclear, particle and astroparticle physics and nuclear applications research groups involved in the project. Technical implementation of the specific tasks specified in associated work packages is distributed over the project team which includes more than 40 researchers. Other RBI research groups will join this core team of the project during its execution.

The PMB members have a large experience in management of research projects and all of them were involved in the management of at least one FP7 project and a number of other projects.

The project manager duty is to prepare the initial work plan and present it to the Project Management Board at the kick-off meeting. He regularly monitors the project implementation, makes corrective changes and makes day-to-day activities to assure scheduled implementation of all necessary managerial activities needed to implement the project objectives.

The Project manager, in coordination with the Project coordinator prepares and submits progress reports, annual, final and other reports of managerial nature, as well as financial statements. The appointed administrative officer for the project together with other RBI administrative staff provides all the necessary administrative support related to legal and financial issues.

Work package leaders are responsible for the realisation of their respective work packages, including the timely preparation of corresponding deliverables and related technical reports. They regularly interact with the project manager and project coordinator, and provide them with all the needed help, especially concerning preparation of progress and other reports. At the Project Management Board meetings, they inform members of the Board on the progress and possible problems in realization of their work packages that could lead to significant changes in the adopted Work Plan. For each work package two researchers take responsibilities as leader and associate leader.

Organization of the CDSE will also be simple. The ERA Chair is head and independently coordinates activities of the CDSE. An Advisory Board will be formed from RBI researchers to assist ERA Chair in these activities. Two representatives of each main research subject involved in CDSE will be members of the board.  The Advisory Board will be mediator between users and ERA Chair with the aim to increase efficiency and quality of the work performed at CDSE.