Particle Detectors project was approved by EC in 2010 and started with implementation on August 1st 2010. It was initially approved for 3 years duration and then extended for another six months, ending with 31st January 2014.

The aim of the project is to reinforce the scientific and technological potential of three laboratories within the Ruđer Bošković Institute Division of Experimental Physics for designing, building and testing specific instrumentation needed in their core activities within experimental nuclear and particle physics, interdisciplinary research and applications. These three laboratories are: (i) Laborstory for High Energy Physics, (ii) Laboratory for Nuclear Physics, and (iii) Laboratory for Ion Beam Interactions.

The foreseen activities within the project included: acquisition of novel detectors and instrumentation; strengthened partnerships with seven European institutions that possess exceptional know-how including the exchange of knowledge and experience with them through exchange of visits, organization of thematic workshops, hiring of qualified scientists that will enhance the research capacity at RBI, and dissemination activities.

As soon as the project implementation started, the Project Management Board (PMB) and Project Steering Committee (PSC) have been appointed. PSC members have been appointed from the seven respective partnering institutions from Europe.

Three PMB-PSC meetings have been planned:
  • The first project kick-off meeting was held 6th November 2010.
  • The second mid-term meeting was held jointly with the Diamond Detectors Workshop at the Plitvice Lakes between 7-10 May 2012.
  • It has been planned to hold the third final PMB-PSC meeting in December 2013. Following the success of the previous joint meeting/workshop held at Plitvice Lakes, we decided to join this PMB-PSC meeting with the Workshop for potential international scientific collaborators, planned within the Work-package on dissemination of project results. Such joint meeting would create the opportunity to exchange the knowledge and experiences between the local participants, PCS members and other researchers invited to the workshop, for the increased benefit for all and increasing the project impact. Finally it was agreed to organize this joint meeting/workshop in Zagreb between 9-10 December 2013.

The Meeting/Workshop objectives

The purpose of the combined meeting/workshop is to:
  • present the project achievements to all the meeting participants, including the PSC members and other participants,
  • review the project achievements and discuss the obtained results and impact,
  • exchange the knowledge between local and international participants on their research activities through presentations and discussions,
  • discuss about possibilities for future collaborations.

The Venue

The Workshop will be held at the Ruđer Bošković Institute, Bijenička c. 54 Zagreb, Meeting room 1 (Wing 1).