The currency is the Kuna. One Euro gets you about 7.4 -7.5 Kunas. The exchange rate is pretty much everywhere the same. You can exchange it immediately at the airport- the exchange office works 24 hours.


If you are in a hotel, ask the receptionist to phone Taxi Cammeo (00 385 1 1212). You will probably pay about 20-25 Kunas to get to RBI.

Public transport

Information on public transport is here. Zagreb is served by a network of trams and buses.

Tickets are bought at newsstands (it says "Tisak" or "iNovine" on them). Ask for "pojedinachna karta" for a ticket that is valid for 90 minutes (both in tram and bus, no limit on number of entries). It costs 8 Kunas. You can also buy a daily ticket "dnevna karta", for 25 Kunas. The first time you enter a bus or tram you need to place the ticket on the ticket machine (close to the first door). Below is a map of the tram stations, with the key locations marked.

Most of you will be located close to the town center. The easiest way to get to RBI is to go to the bus station next to the Main Cathedral (see map below), called "Kaptol". The lines 201 , 226 , and 106 all go to RBI, and the links will give you a detailed time schedule. The buses are quite frequent, every 10-15 minutes among these three lines, and it takes about 10 minutes to get to RBI. In the bus the Rudjer Boskovic Institute will be announced by voice (in Croatian though...), and it will be written also on the display inside the bus. It is the 4th station from Kaptol, as the bus line map shows.

If you are not close to the center, you will definitely be able to take the tram to it. The destination you are looking for is "Trg Bana J. Jelacica", which is very close to the Main Cathedral - "Kaptol" bus station, see map above for tram schedule, and below for walking details.


The dormitory is a short walking distance from RBI, as the map below shows. If you arrive by bus from the airport to the main bus station, then by tram to Jelacic Square, then to get to the dormitory use the same buses as to RBI from Kaptol (see above under Public transport), and stop after 3 stations, "Bijenicka", also marked on the map below.