Upgraded Facility for Development of Silicon and Diamond Particle Detector Systems

Welcome to the site for the FP7 project Particle Detectors . This project will significantly enhance the capabilties of the nuclear and particle physics laboratories of the Division of Experimental Physics ( DEP ) at the Rudjer Boskovic Institute ( RBI ), the largest (850 employees, more than 500 scientists) and scientifically best institute in Croatia.

The core activities of DEP involve experimental ion beam, nuclear, particle and astroparticle physics, interdisciplinary research including nanotechnology and quantum information, as well as related radiation applications. The laboratories involved as a whole are either the leading or in the very top of RBI according to most relevant criteria, such as published papers, citations, amount of FP6, FP7, IAEA and other external funding received, number of international collaborations and amount of international experience, number of patents, and degree of cooperation with industry. In addition to possesing the largest experimental facility in Croatia, we are also active participants in numerous top international experiments: