New vacancies for four experts

Four postdoctoral positions at the Division of Experimental Physics at the Rudjer Boskovic Institute in Croatia as part of the 3-year long 1.32M Euro FP7 project Particle Detectors , and that should be filled at latest by the last quarter of this year/1st quarter of 2011. The expertise sought of the experienced researches is in:

  • silicon detectors
  • diamond detectors
  • vacuum chambers/detector testing
  • DAQ/process control
The contracts will be one year long, with the possibility to extend them for the duration of the project. Brutto pay is about 3000 Euro, depending on experience. Detailed job descriptions for each of the four positions are provided here .

Our core activities involve experimental ion beam, nuclear, particle and astroparticle physics, interdisciplinary research including nanotechnology and quantum information, as well as related radiation applications. We are either the leading academic division or in the very top of Croatia according to most relevant criteria, such as published papers, citations, amount of FP6, FP7, IAEA and other external funding received, number of international collaborations and amount of international experience, number of patents, and degree of cooperation with industry.

The goal towards which the postdocs are expected to contribute is a greatly improved research potential for testing and development of charged particle detector systems, their readout, and their data acquisition and control, as well as partaking in the related scientific activities. The laboratories directly involved in this proposal are the three largest of the nine laboratories forming DEP, employing 33 of the more than 60 staff. The experimental work of these three groups involves many similar aspects in the choice of detector front-end readout electronics, DAQ and process control technology, greatly increasing the synergetic value the advanced shared detector development facility of this project will provide. In addition to the improved facilities and expertise, the project should also significantly increase our experimental and scientific impact in top European nuclear and particle experimental facilities.

Please contact us as soon as possible for more details if you are interested, or please inform any potential quality candidates of these openings. Formal vacancy notices are anounced at the EUROAXESSS web site, the CERN Courier , bright recruits, spires , and similar sources.